STARLINGS’ is a programme that helps young people discover their inner star whilst helping them to understand and fulfill their leadership skills and aspirations  


• Identify leadership strengths and challenges 

• Discover diversity for creating powerful teams 

• Pull together people resources for successful projects and careers 

This experiential learning experience draws on the ambition and potential youth instinctively gravitate towards and shows them how to make sound decisions for life's journey. 

The tools for learning are created to bring out the possibilities and resources they need and how to gain access to those they don't, by increasing their leadership awareness. 

The program teaches students how to build leadership teams and collaborate with others who will be key to their success. ‘STARLINGS’ produces personal and team leadership improvement through practical exercises and conversations which develop a winning mindset. 

How does the program create Leaders? 

Starlings creates the “Stars" of the future using the 12 practices of "Leadership Agility". 

The program uses the inherent talent of youth who identify with ‘celebrity’ achievement and lifelong learning and development. 

Celebrities can be actors, singers, sports people, CEO's, politicians, scientists, teachers or ANYONE a student has been inspired by. We elicit student’s highest personal values and forensically assess the ethics, personal culture, and practices, which make a valuable leader in society. Through discovering how celebrity is created, the students master the art of both logical and emotional thinking and perspective. 

They become solution driven and outcome oriented.

The Development Plan

The personal development plan is integrative and purpose driven. It helps students to identify objectives and goals that take a personal skill set and turns it into a leadership practice. There are 4 types of plans:

☐ Enhancement Plan

Move a mission-critical skill from average to strength 

☐ Development Plan 

Work on a weakness 

☐ Exposure Plan 

Try out an untested skill to see where you stand 

☐ Re-align Plan 

Get a plan back on track 


What's in it for students?


This program helps students identify who they are as individuals, inside or outside their peer groups by providing the leadership practices and development steps to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.