Mastering Profit Driven Leadership - Advanced Leadership Agility's Event

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Mastering Profit Driven Leadership - Advanced Leadership Agility

Mastering Profit Driven Leadership - Advanced Leadership Agility
For Business Owners, Directors, Consultants, Managers or Leaders who work with staff to obtain sustainable results and obtain a competitive edge.  Delegates will be inspired by the wealth of knowledge they discover in this seminar as they learn to apply the precious gems of value to lead and manage people.
Introduction to the Leadership Agility  (Day 1-3)
Leadership is generally considered, ‘to be like beauty - it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it’ (Bennis, 2001). The importance of this statement is leadership is simultaneously projected by the leader/s and perceived by the follower/s. Leadership comprises a context-specific two-way ‘happening’ between people, which consequently influences behaviour within the organisation and external relationships with other ‘followers’; customers, suppliers, investors and community stakeholders.
This leader-follower ‘social influence’ relationship and what takes place within it on a daily basis, is at the heart and art of improving and sustaining leadership within its context, and by extension organisational performance and its continuing viability; especially through intense periods of change affecting the thoughts and well-being of people.  Invariably, under these now ever changing circumstances, the purpose and values of leadership and the organisation, comes under scrutiny and begins to be questioned or actively challenged, either openly or privately.
‘Agile’ leadership recognises and acknowledges such challenges, and also understands every follower has their own appreciation of what ‘beauty’ at any one moment in time looks like. This perception can and should be managed for everyone’s benefit.  Leaders shape followers perceptions and expectations through how they practice leadership.  In this way the ‘leader’ addresses the key question ‘why should anyone be led by me?’ Likewise, followers need to learn how to support the emergence of leadership through their own followership, and by doing so they learn more about their own leadership.  In any situation, there is no leadership present if followership does not exist, regardless of job titles.

Over 50 years of academic research and management practice (Aitken & Higgs, 2010), has provided evidence (see the comprehensive list of readings below) for the critical importance of 12 leadership agility practices which build ‘sustainable’ leadership and enterprises in a constantly evolving work, home and community environment. When practiced over time in all spheres of life, this results in you ‘mastering leadership agility’.  In this module we will discover how the 12 practices apply to your own experience and circumstances, involving a deeper reflection on the personal values which shape your own leadership purpose, your on-going lifetime leadership development, and the role you have in developing the leadership capability in others.
The importance of this process is to reveal and improve your own everyday practice of leadership, thereby distinguishing between ordinary and extraordinary leaders in the eyes of followers. When broken down into 12 practices, leadership can be focused on and learnt over time; requiring reflection, diligent application, effort, and auditing of progress.  In other words, it is vital to keep practising the practices until they become your default ‘fitness for purpose’ leadership habits.
In the seminar we introduce the 12 practices of leadership agility by first examining how change is impacting your own context and explore the challenges this presents. Then, in turn, we will focus on each of the practices as they relate to predicting, implementing and embedding organisational change.  These phases represent the natural change cycle of renewal, survival and thriving.  Through this process, participants get a real sense of the everyday importance of being able to respond and adapt to ever changing circumstances and conditions at work and in life.  In this way, the module gives you a toolkit which enables you to move towards mastery of leadership agility.  Indeed, one of the practices of mastering leadership agility is to support one another in becoming the best leader each of you can be, so you will be encouraged to investigate and demonstrate collective, as well as individual, leadership.
The learning content and process enables participants to develop the more agile leadership required to create, implement and review change in their own and other’s position, as necessary, in a complex, often unpredictable, and interconnected world.  Each of the 12 leadership agility practices’ illustrations will be accompanied by a comprehensive set of readings, which build from the core text book. Learners are expected to read as many of these as possible, to perform to the best of their ability in specified assignments.
Learning Objectives
By the end of the seminar, participants will have deepened their understanding of leadership agility, and extended their capability to provide appropriate leadership practice in their chosen context/s. 
In particular, attendees will be better able to:

understand the mechanisms which underpin outstanding leader-follower relationships
understand the nature, operational detail and impact of 12, evidence based, leadership agility practices
understand the impact of purpose and values on leadership practice and team-organisational-community outcomes
explore the key principles of sustainable leadership and enterprise during constant change
develop an action plan for enhancing contextualised leadership agility practice within an organisational development context, and demonstrate how to track progress towards achieving mastery

Learning Facilitation
This will comprise a series of tutor, content-led, interactive learning sessions, supplemented by group participation comprising case study analysis and small group exercises.  All participants, when requested, should prepare individual and/or group notes on a case or exercise before, during, or after discussion in the seminar .  Participants are strongly encouraged to refer to all the resources contained on the e-learning site.  Presenter slides are made available, together with additional handouts as appropriate.
Advanced Leadership Agility Practices (Days 4-5) 
Featuring 4 amazing new tracks :


Talent Acquisition

Discover your flock and master how to recruit with agility

Selection processes

Talent Learning & Development

On-boarding and Training



Values-led Leadership

The Six Values Gems

The Values Matrix

Morality Leadership

The Challenge for developing Ethical Leadership



Case Study 

Leadership Development, Corporate Study,

Retail, Technology, Hospitality & Services, Public Sector featuring companies and individual leaders

Toyota, Zara, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Anita Rodick-The Body Shop, Starbucks, Lego, Apple, Car Phone Warehouse, Alex Ferguson, Princess Diana, Dick Fuld – Lehman Bros. President Obama. President Mandela, General Michael Collins- IRA, Joseph Garba. Ray Anderson, Michael O’Leary – Ryanair, John F Kennedy, Jim Singal – Costco,



Deep Dive Exploration of the 12 Leadership Agility Practices
Discover the in-depth analysis of the 12 leadership agility practices and 12 career birds.  


Plus a Bonus Strategy Wheel and Change Agility Session
This session is focused on change agility and the easiest process for implementing change at a corporate, retail or government level.  The session includes world class process and the new strategy wheel you can apply instantly to your environment and get outstanding results. This also includes the 3 layers of change agility.
Development Layer
The practical application of the development layer using actual workshops, role play and activities designed to bring our the practices in a manner that induces and embed the behavioural characteristics of leadership agility.
Learning Layer
Get an advanced learning and reading list of books and papers that helped build and structure the framework for this course
Change Layer
The tools for change


Tools for understanding when to start a new phase, initiation and development.


Tools to implementation and identifying strategic stakeholders


Tools for embedding processes and reviewing consolidated projects.

The Modalities Wheel
Imagine a tool for leadership that taps into your sensory perceptions and projections.  Discover how to use the tool with the practices.
The 12 Leadership Agility Tools


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Value-Led Leadership
Corporate Case Studies
Personal Case Studies of Famous Leaders
Deep Dive Exploration of the 12 Leadership Agility Practices
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Presented By  


About Dr Paul Aitken: 
DBA, M.Sc., Dip. C. G., A. Dip. C., C. Psychol.
Doctor of Business Administration (Values-Led Leadership Development); MSc (Applied Psychology in Business); Diploma in Careers Guidance; Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Management Consultancy;UK British Psychological Society - Chartered Psychologist

Personal Profile
Paul is a leadership learning-development entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of Mastering Leadership Agility Ltd (MLA) and Co-Founder of CareerBirds; web-enabled, operating globally, and supported by an international team of Master Trainers with distinctive senior management expertise.  Together, we focus on helping leaders create the essential communication-relationship-knowledge sharing conditions for renewal, survival and thriving at personal, organisational and community levels. 
Paul is also visiting faculty/professor of leadership development at highly rated, university linked, Business Schools around the world:

Teaching Fellow

Associate Professor

Adjunct Professor

Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Aitken coaches and mentors managers at all levels and career stages to successfully determine, execute and sustain their personal and organisational vision, values and strategy.  He is also Head of Global Leadership Practice for Creative Leadership in Asia, operating from Singapore.  Bespoke assignments, in private and public sectors, focus on managers’ leadership agility training, future leaders’ selection/mentoring, and major/complex organisational change - continuous improvement projects. 
A British and New Zealand citizen, Paul worked as a senior human resource manager/internal consultant and selection-development professional lead in the private utility and public sector, including education and training establishments, reporting at Board/SMT level.  His innovative leadership development approach is now used by institutions working with youth to improve their citizenship and entrepreneurship – see MLA's unique, universally applicable, leadership 'agility' learning method is based on 12 research based ‘change leadership’ practices.
Our combined service/product/technology platform is used around the world as part of Business Schools’ Masters’ courses, training company’s programmes and youth leadership educational inputs.  We also work directly with Directors and their enterprises to secure personal and business re-invention, producing sustainable improvements in inter-connected local and global communities.  Paul is lead author of 'Developing Change Leaders' (Elsevier, 2010); and combines mentoring, training and educating, with research and writing on, how to develop the 'agile' leadership which produces sustainable ‘fitness for purpose’, including reflective consideration of the individual/business/community impact of our diverse personal values.
Seminar Textbook:
Aitken, P. & Higgs, M. (2010).
Developing Change Leaders: the principles and practices of change leadership development; Elsevier, B:H.

Supporting Co-Facilitator 


Azhar Khan 
EMBA, MNLP, Cert IV Small Business 
Executive Master of Business Administration (Corporate)
Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
Master Practitioner Neurological Re-patterning
Certified Performance and Results Coach

Azhar Khan is a serial techpreneur and co-founder of  He has co-founded and developed business in Africa, Australia and the UAE.  Khan is also Executive Editor for OneRecruit Magazine available through Apple NewsStand and a “Best Selling Author,” releasing two books that have topped Amazons best seller list in Entrepreneurship, Direct Marketing, Marketing and Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The first release of “In it to Win It” which he co- wrote with Tom Hopkins was published in 2012 followed by the “The Ultimate Guide to Success” co-written with Brian Tracy in 2013.
Khan's career experience includes working and recruiting people for global technology giant Apple. He now works with leaders across the globe in Singapore, Africa, Australia, the Europe and Dubai.
Khan received his MBA Corporate from Bond University in 2014 and is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neurological Re- patterning.
Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Khan now resides on the Gold Coast of Australia, With over 25 years of experience in the technology business, personal development and mentoring. Khan brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his coaching work. Khan is an effective communicator with great learning agility and a drive for results. He demonstrates composure by focusing on the bottom line whilst making complex decisions and has no problems in gaining the buy in from teams to increase productivity. When not working, he likes to go to the gym and work out or use his creative skills to develop digital art or write. His first collection appeared in the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in 2001. Khan likes to travel and blogs about his travel experiences. 





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  • I highly recommend this training to anyone wising to improve what should be considered a basic life skill in our ever changing world. Applicable to even the smallest of companies and certainly at an individual level.”Applicable to even the smallest of companies and certainly at an individual level. Skip NovakManaging Director - Pelagic Expeditions Ltd
  • The Leadership Agility practices have enabled me to take the first steps towards instilling a culture of leadership at all levels of our organisation by providing a clear and simple framework with which to identify the appropriate behaviors and desired outcomes from the application of each of the practices. Further, the program clearly outlines the consequences of a deficiency in each practice.” It’s the perfect system to enable people to develop their strengths as a leader and also to identify and improve upon their weaknesses as a leader, no matter their role or level of authority. Cathy MayGeneral Manager - Dental Partners
  • I have implemented the leadership agility framework into two multi-million dollar no-for-profit organisations. If you are part of an organisation that is looking for a solution to improve employee engagement improve decision making, and seeking to direct your organisation to be a market leader, Dr Aitkens Leadership Agility framework is the first step you should consider implementing to make lasting and positive change.” Rachael CowanFinance and Operations Consultant - Gateway Baptist Church
  • MLA is a leadership and organisational development framework based on a review of over 50 years of change leadership research, which operationalises the daily leadership practices critical for creating a knowledgeable and ultimately innovative and sustainable organisation, in a fast changing and competitive business environment. I have implemented MLA practices as part of my division staff training and development program, and it has proven to be a success, resulting in a more harmonious relationships within working teams and groups, by creating knowledge sharing, learning and engagement across the division and for self-leadership. Agnes SngGeneral Manager - Raymond Weil & Vulcain S.E. ASIA - MELCHERS
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